Ancestors and Descendants of Larry Gordon and Nedra Callender

Edith of Saxony.

Mary Brockett was born on 28 Sep 1646 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. She died in 1694 in Newark, Union, NJ.

Isobel Fenton.

Eleanor Plantagenet was born in 1311 in Grismond Castle,Monmouthshire,,England. She died on 11 Jan 1372 in Arundel,,Sussex,England.

Margaret de Burgh died in 1237.

Thomas De Neville was born in 1300 in Rolleston,,Nottinghamshire,England. He died in 1368 in ,,Nottinghamshire,England.

Mary Stringer 1 was born 2 in ,,,England. She died 3 on 10 Jan 1615 in Great Amwell,,Hertfordshire,England.


Lady Margret de Burgh.

Thomas Little was born in 1609 in Marshfield,Plymouth,Massachusetts,USA. He died on 19 Feb 1675 in Marshfield,Plymouth,Massachusetts,USA.

Peter Martell was born in 1354 in Chilwell,Attenborough,Nottinghamshire,England.

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